Sunday, February 17, 2013

Shalom cardigan free pattern

I rarely venture into the brave world that is knitting or crocheting apparel items. Like many other people out there, I like the relatively quick satisfaction that comes from making hats and other small pieces that can be completed in, say, an evening or two.

But I recently had a rare weekend to myself and took advantage of it by making the Shalom Cardigan in what I estimate was 14 hours of work over two days.

This is an excellent free pattern designed by Meghan McFarlane. The pattern is VERY well written and error free. It includes nice touches that I appreciate, like a total stitch count on rows where additions have occurred. (So I can feel confident that things are progressing according to plan each step of the way!)

This project is great for stash-busting. It’s amazing to be able to create an apparel item from only about 1.5 skeins (or less than approximately 400 yards) of yarn.

Casting on:

Top yoke:

Sleeve openings made, starting on the body:

I like how the Red Heart Coffee Fleck yarn kind of matches my knitting needles:

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