Monday, January 19, 2015

Double Warm Headband pattern modification

The first time I made the 1898 Hat, I thought the lower band portion of the hat would make a great (and warm!) headband. The only tricky part was going to be figuring out how to finish off the top edge to mirror the look of the modified i-cord used on the hat's bottom edge.

So I browsed through the hat's gallery of finished projects until I found one by Sal, who had worked the hat band as a headband, just the way I had pictured it! :-) Sal said all it takes is to work an i-cord bindoff to make the top edge of the headband look like the bottom edge.

Following the hat pattern's directions, work through the part where you pickup the stitches at the top of the band. Then, instead of knitting a crown for a hat, work an i-cord bindoff. To invisibly join the ends of the i-cord bindoff, see this video.

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