Sunday, February 1, 2015

Jazzy Infinite Granny Square Blanket free pattern

Want to make an afghan that works up quickly and easily and looks great? Try this free Granny Square Baby Blanket Pattern by Lauren Brown. The stitch pattern is the same as for a traditional granny square, but instead of finishing off after a few rounds and having to join together a bazillion little squares to form a blanket, this version just keeps adding rounds until you reach the desired finished size. I love it - sooo easy.

I'm completely satisfied with the pattern, but I was rather displeased to discover that Hobby Lobby has altered its spin (literally) on the Jazz Stripe colorway.

I purchased the yarn that I used to begin this blanket more than a year ago, and I only had a small amount of one skein left. (See first photo.)

So I went online and ordered some more skeins of the SAME colorway with the SAME product number, but when I opened up the delivery and started working, it was immediately apparent that this new version of Jazz Stripe was exceedingly more mottled than its predecessor. (See second photo.) And what makes this even worse is that the product photo on Hobby Lobby’s website still shows the OLD version of the yarn. GRRR.

This isn’t a dealbreaker for me, and of course Hobby Lobby has every right to change its colorways. And, YES, the old and new colorways still match overall. I’m just disappointed with the change is all.

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